10 mar. 2010

Botinelli goodie brings the spring

Au fost purtate o singura data la un bal al bobocilor.
Material: piele ecologica exterior, piele naturala interior
Toc: 11 cm
Stare: 9 din 10 (culoare talpa interior e un pic stearsa)
Pret: 70 lei

9 mar. 2010

Today is was all about blogging

Today was all about computer.I've posted some accesories and that was harder than i thought. I've took pictures of 6 MB and i had to cut them, resize them and it really took me the all day.
Also today came my Yves Rocher package and i was very happy.Im expecting it for 2 weeks. I've bought a lip balm, nail polish removal, eye make-up removal, and some mini-lipsticks.It came with 3 trip bags(i thought they are usefull for my Italy trip that i'll take in 2 weeks). Well, now i will get into bed and watch Funny people. I've downloaded it for a week and i've didn'd had the time.
I hope begining with thursday i will start posting my daily outfits.

the Fish and the flower- SOLD

2 pandantive din Argint 925
Pret: 7 lei fiecare

wallet me-SOLD

Dimensiuni: 16 cm latime, 10 lungime
Material: o piele foarte moale si placuta
2 cusaturi foarte interesante.
Inchizatoare vintage.
Stare: 10 din 10
Pret: 35 lei


dimensiune: 20 cm lungime, 5mm grosime

lungime: 19.5 cm lungime, 2mm grosime

2 bratari, argint 925
Pret: 25 lei (cea groasa)
20 lei (cea subtire)

Venice, my love

spatiu bani hartie

Portofel vintage cumparat din Italia
spatiu bani hartie + spatiu bani metal
stare: 9 din 10 (in ultima poza..putin uzat)
Pret: 35lei

Let's get accesories

Prima serie de accesorii sunt 4 pandantive si un inel toate din argint 925
Preturi :
-> crucea egipteana : 25 lei
-> cruciulita, inimioara(sold) si pantantul piatra(sold) : 7 lei (separat) ; 20 (impreuna)
-> inel : 35 lei

The chest of accesories is wide open

6 mar. 2010

Party days that came in a long time

Thursday and friday night i went out and it was good :D . I meet some people that i haven't saw in a long time. We went in almost all the nice places that you can find in Constanta.
We went in "Vama" and have some tea, We dance a little in "Pulse" and rock our heads in "Nord". Yeah, i really missed the feeling to be with them and just go from bar to bar and laugh and feeling good.
I don't have the pictures from Sandra(we took pics with her camera) so i will post only three to introduce you in the feeling and sunday i will post more pics.

Ma girls , a cup of tea and some beer.

Meet two of my good friends Elena(Aujourd'hui Sophie) and Adina (it's all blurry couse it looks euforic :-> )

2 mar. 2010

Someone should enjoy it!

Last year i lived in Bucharest, the capital of Romania and it was great. I've fell inlove with the city.
This year i am back in Constanta where nothing is happening. Same places, same people, same music, same, same. Well, what is the reason of all this complaining?
Film fashion festival is the reason

The program:

Luni 1-Mar

19:00 Sabrina

Marti 2-Mar

14:45 Sabrina

19:00 Goana dupa hot - To catch a thief

Miercuri 3-Mar

15:00 Goana dupa hot - To catch a thief

19:00 Sapte ani de casnicie - Seven year itch (the)

Joi 4-Mar

15:00 Sapte ani de casnicie - Seven year itch (the)

19:00 Mutra nostima - Funny face

Vineri 5-Mar

15:00 Mutra nostima - Funny face

19:00 Creatoarea de modele - Designing woman

Sambata 6-Mar

14:45 Creatoarea de modele - Designing woman

19:15 Mic dejun la tiffany - Breakfast at tiffany

Duminica 7-Mar

14:45 Mic dejun la tiffany - Breakfast at tiffany

19:15 Blow-up - Blow-up

Luni 8-Mar

14:45 Blow-up - Blow-up

Damn i rly wanna go X(

1 mar. 2010

Martisor day! or is spring again.

This is a special day. The first of March in my country means also the day of Martisorului. This day, the boys and men give to the ladies a small gift on which is attached a red and white thread. This simbolise the spring that had arrived, the new beggining. This year, in fashion are the eco handmade ones, made from natural fabrics like flowers, shells, beans, nuts, paper,cley.

This may also mean have a nice spring and a great year!